Why We Do This Work

Robert Allingham

Community Engagement Strategist

For me, Lead Yourself Youth is about educating myself and others on the techniques and tools I wish I knew when I was younger. The more I learn about the structure and the fact that there are actual names for things I thought were just feelings I was having, the more amazed I am.

There are aspects of myself that I have not always necessarily liked, and wish I knew that my “go-to” behaviors I fell back on in the past weren’t an intrinsic part of who I was. I realize now that I fell back on them because they were safe and easy. It was hard for me to experience growth because I didn’t have anyone challenging these notions.

If I was taught about nervous system regulation, emotional intelligence, and the ability to change these learned behaviors from a younger age, I would have been handed the correct tools to better build the person I wanted and aspired to be, rather than feel anchored down by the tools I felt I was stuck with.

Even though I wish I knew about the teachings of Lead Yourself Youth when I was in school, I’m so grateful to have them now. I see that it’s never too late to learn these skills. I continue to educate myself and come more into understanding of who I am and why I make the choices I do.

I’m inspired by the idea that I can make these tools more accessible to people who, like me when I was younger, may have not known they existed.

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We help youth learn how to navigate real life situations & challenges, both internal and external.

We offer workshops and tools that build proactive stress and anxiety reduction skills for adolecents and those who empower them. The curriculum integrates social, emotional, and somatic learning techniques in a supportive and caring environment. These tools help participants develop healthy self-care, self-awareness, empathy and coping mechanisms.

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