Why We Do This Work

Emily Hunt

Director of Creativity & Content Development

I am someone who lacked psychological safety at school, at home and in toxic work environments. I’ve struggled with ADHD, depression, anxiety, and other afflictions, and as a result I developed a marijuana dependency. I had been prescribed multiple medications throughout my teenage life and tried therapy (multiple times), but neither were a solution for me.

The medications took time, money, experimentation and often came with a boatload of side effects that seemed to worsen my conditions. I sought a more immediate remedy, which I found in smoking marijuana. Even at that time, I recognized that smoking was not a sustainable solution. It made me completely numb and devoid of all energy. However, I wasn’t, in that moment post-smoking, anxious or spiraling, which to me was worth something. I didn’t feel stuck or trapped because I didn’t feel anything.

My situation did not improve until I began seeing a nervous system specialist regularly. I was then taught about self-regulation practices, nervous system activation & responses, conditioning, choice points, and how to redirect my energy. I was able to understand that looking outwardly for a “cure” to my dysregulation was counterproductive to my goal of living a healthy, prosperous, fulfilled life.

Instead, I became familiar with the patterns of my mental processes, and how to oversee my nervous system responses from an objective standpoint. I learned about the importance of self-compassion and gratitude. Self-regulation allowed me to create psychological safety within my mind, and therefore make empowering decisions, I wouldn’t have seen as possible otherwise.

Subsequently, I noticed how the results of consciously shifting my focus, varied from those of my old patterns. Rather than feeling numb, I felt energized and inspired by myself. If I could pull myself out of the freeze and the spiral of overthinking I had fallen victim to, far too often, then I can literally do anything!

I want everyone to feel the same pride in themselves, and that’s why I work with Lead Yourself Youth. By bringing nervous system regulation practices to public school systems, we give youths the tools and the space they need to 1) build their awareness of their thoughts/habits/patterns/conditioning, and 2) use the power of choice to create their reality with intention. I want to help those who feel stuck or lost, who don’t realize they’re living in dysregulation, to understand they have the power to heal themselves and live in a way that fully resonates with them.

Learning how to self regulate from a young age will create future leaders who are capable and inspiring. These leaders will be able to make empowering decisions for themselves and others, thanks to their insights into their own nervous systems. We are fostering generations who are able to create a real positive impact on society, who are able to think critically for themselves, and who are happily thriving rather than “just trying to get by,”.

I am so glad to have the opportunity to be a part of Lead Yourself Youth. I truly believe that the work being done here is not only inspiring, but groundbreaking. Everyone is in active collaboration to make shared spaces, including school systems more psychologically safe and therefore inclusive. We envision a world of people who’s conditioning doesn’t negatively influence them (or those around them), where people can heal themselves, where they act instead of react, a society that bases its worth on inclusivity, empathy, virtue, and humanity.

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