Taking Action Workshop

In a world that often emphasizes results over the journey, this workshop cultivates balanced personal development. It’s not just about achieving goals, but understanding the emotions, reactions, and challenges that accompany the path towards them. With the right tools and perspective, it becomes an empowering journey.


This workshop sheds light on the often overlooked internal responses that influence our decisions, normalizing the emotions tied to the unpredictability of action-taking. It helps reframe the beauty of the unknown, encouraging participants to view it not as an intimidating void but as a realm of endless possibilities. With a blend of science-backed insights and holistic well-being practices, participants are guided towards a more enlightened and resilient approach to their aspirations.

Participants will be provided with actionable strategies, fostering a mindset that prioritizes self-compassion, recognizes the value of progress over perfection, and embraces the potential of the unknown. It addresses both the internal mechanisms, like understanding our nervous system responses, and the external barriers that often hinder progress.

Discussions will delve into what makes taking action seem daunting and how to turn those hurdles into stepping stones. Participants will leave not just with knowledge but with a renewed vigor to approach life’s challenges head-on.

What You’ll Learn

  • The factors that make taking action appear challenging and strategies to make it doable.
  • Insight into common nervous system activations and understanding their role in shaping our reactions.
  • An introduction to the concept of psychological safety and its significance.
  • The value of self-compassion in the face of challenges and uncertainty.
  • The importance of maintaining a growth mindset: recognizing that progress surpasses perfection.
  • Strategies to navigate “approval energy” and prioritize authentic self-expression.
  • Embracing the concept that messy action often trumps no action at all.


Workshops can be held at your location,  Venture Way Collaborative, or Virtually.

Workshop can be set for a half day or full day time frame.

Includes learning materials and resources.


Let’s talk about how we can cater this workshop to your group’s needs!

Success Stories

Mom of Kindergartner

My daughter applied the lessons [our facilitator] modeled and taught in a creative way. She wrote a story about a young girl who is called to the principal’s office. In her story, the character walked through the steps they taught the kindergartners:

The main character observed the story in her head (worry, anxiety, fear), and after the observation, the character remembered to take a few deep breaths, feeling her feet on the ground, and noticing the worry, anxiety and fear get smaller. As the character walked towards the principal’s office, she was confident and had the thought illustrated “I got this”.

She obviously took the message to heart. She is a sensitive kid so I love to learn new tools for her (and me!).

Flexibility That Caters Towards Each Individual Group’s Needs

Our philosophies and practices can be integrated in any number of ways, and our workshops can easily be tweaked to align fully with the goals of each group and how the material resonates with them.  For instance, most of the workshops created are geared towards youth, but we can easily shift the material to appeal to Professional Development for educators, RA’s, etc.

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