Building Positive Habits Workshop

Write a refreshing new counter-narrative to the story of “that’s just how I am.” This transformative workshop helps you understand the essence of intentional habit formation, confront discomfort courageously, elevate your communication, and learn how to choose growth over stagnancy.


Habits are the unseen architects of our daily lives. Through “Building Positive Habits,” participants are invited to dive deep into the intricacies of how habits are formed, both intentionally and inadvertently. This workshop offers a blend of insightful discussions and hands-on activities to give participants the tools they need to actively shape their life’s trajectory.

The journey will navigate through the art of integrating new habits, especially those supporting skills we desire to strengthen. It will shed light on the realm of conditioning, helping attendees understand the mechanisms that reinforce our habitual behaviors. A particular focus will be placed on the essence of being present, specifically how it enhances active listening. In addition, the workshop offers guidance on how to observe and navigate discomfort in activating situations, rather than avoiding it.

Attendees will leave with not only a wealth of knowledge but also a renewed perspective on their personal narratives, an enhanced ability to listen actively, and the confidence to face discomfort and transform it into growth.

What You’ll Learn

  • The science and psychology behind integrating new habits tailored to strengthen specific skills.
  • Introduction to the concept of conditioning and its role in shaping behaviors.
  • The importance of being present, with a deep dive into its connection to active listening.
  • Strategies for observing and effectively navigating discomfort in various scenarios.
  • Techniques to differentiate between instinctual reactions and thoughtful responses.


Workshops can be held at your location,  Venture Way Collaborative, or Virtually.

Workshop can be set for a half day or full day time frame.

Includes learning materials and resources.


Let’s talk about how we can cater this workshop to your group’s needs!

Success Stories

Education Director, Youth Leadership

From the initial assessment throughout all of our sessions, thoughtful questions provided me with opportunities to recognize hang-ups that I didn’t even realize I had. These realizations allowed me to then make important shifts in perspective that were necessary for change. Most importantly, you’ve empowered me to ask myself similar questions in my own reflective practice such as “What’s the grounding for this assessment?”

Recognizing my own patterns in thinking and reacting has been essential to being able to communicate more effectively. Simple practices that you introduced and modeled have become part of my regular routine. Now when I’m about to react emotionally to a situation, I ground myself and do an internal check. It is amazing how often the reaction is due to old habits and patterns that I have formed over time. When I see that, I can better adjust my reaction and communicate what my true needs or concerns are.

The wealth of knowledge and continued research were obvious in [Lead Yourself Youth’s] ability to pull from a variety of practices. [Our Facilitator] always seemed able to suggest exercises for me to work on outside of sessions that perfectly fit my needs at the time. They were varied, useful, and usually quite fun! 

Our series of sessions were structured in a way that at the end, I felt empowered to continue to implement these changes on my own (and I have!). Thank you for finding a way to be professional and playful at the same time. I always looked forward to sessions, and I am still enjoying their positive effect on a daily basis.

Flexibility That Caters Towards Each Individual Group’s Needs

Our philosophies and practices can be integrated in any number of ways, and our workshops can easily be tweaked to align fully with the goals of each group and how the material resonates with them.  For instance, most of the workshops created are geared towards youth, but we can easily shift the material to appeal to Professional Development for educators, RA’s, etc.

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